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.s. president barack obama is urging caution on syria, but he as ask the pentagon to prepare thesked -- he has asked pentagon to prepare military options. lebanon holds a day of national mourning. and happy birthday to the bundesliga. it was 50 years ago that the german top flight kicked off. we will have all the results from this weekend's action. in syria, with news that the u.n.'s hi records and a for disarmament is there -- high representative for disarmament is there. she is attempting to gain access to supposed -- alleged chemical chemicald sites of attacks. the u.s. has begun to move forces into place in the region. >> a father mourns the death of his children. he cannot understand how something so awful could happen to his family. the opposition blames the assad regime, saying it killed hundreds during nerve gas attacks. doctors without borders has confirmed 3600 patients in syrian hospitals displayed neurotoxic symptoms. assad regime continues to reject accusations that it was responsible for the attacks. state television showed footage of chemical materials in panels allegedly used b
given, while the pentagon's naval forces move closer to syria. this as syrian troops say they have found toxic weapons in tunnels found and used by the rebels. 200 days and counting, guantanamo prisoners pushing on with their hunger protest, struggling to change the fate of force-feeding and indefinite intentions. and a digital currency gets real recognition. the german government decides that virtual money bit coin is a legal and private means of payment. international news and comment, live from our studio center in moscow. it has just turned 1 a.m. sunday morning. this is " rt." the u.s. is readying for a possible missile strike on syria and reports say preparations are underway. the pentagon is ensuring that president obama has military options available. he has met with advisers to consider actions following an alleged chemical attack blamed on the syrian government. three destroyers are currently deployed, with reports of another is on the way, all of them carrying up to 300 cruise missiles, which is more than enough to act rapidly if obama wants to order the strike. there is also
is just not acceptable. they have pentagon plans on the shelf for a while. i'm told this is not imminent. they're going to try to organize the allies, notify congress and likely not attack while those u.n. inspectors are still on the ground. they're scheduled to leave sunday. leather? >> all right, andrea. thanks. nearly two million people have become refugees fleeing the war in syria. as we have been reporting there is a grim milestone reached as well. nearly one million of those refugees are children, most under the age of 11. nbc's ann curry made her way today to one of the refugee camps, the biggest in fact. it's on syria's board with jordan. it's bursting at the seams with 130,000 people. ann joins us from amman. ann? >> reporter: lester, good evening. with the massive numbers and the shocking images of children suffering in an apparent chemical attack, the war in syria appears to be turning an emotional corner, capturing the attention of the world. today we found one small syrian boy, one of the one million. in a clinic inside jordan's zaatari refugee camp, we found jalal, who bare
, with their lifeless bodies in the halls, and others forming at the mouth consulsing the pain, pentagon sources say president obama is considering options to strikement jennifer griffin is working at the pentagon. we'll get to her. first to jonathan hunt with the latest developments. jonathan, what do we know about the attack on the u.n. weapons inspectors. >> remember the weapon wons inspectors have been in damascus for self -- several days today know. first time today they left to the hotel to head to where the alleged chemical weapons attack took place. as they were traveling travelinr convoy there was sniper fire at that convoy, at least one of the vehicles we understand was hit by at least one bullet. they then turned around, they returned to their hotel, but later we're told they did actually make it out to that weapons -- to that alleged chemical weapons attack site. they spoke to some of the victims. we have some amateur video of those inspectors at the hospital, apparently talks to doctors, some witnesses, and some of the victims. we can also assume, of course, they collected samples which
news military analyst, jennifer griffin at the pentagon, what we know about possible tactics. we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry on where things stand now. good evening, ed. >> reporter: good evening, bret. at this hour, the president is huddled in meetings whether to inch closer to military action, amid questions whether he will do something he railed against in 2008, acting unilaterally. as syrian officials -- biden joined the officials saying action is imminent. >> national security is strengthened. we will hold accountable those who violate international norms. >> reporter: two years ago this month president obama called for syrian president bashar al-assad to go. today, white house officials declared the objective of any possible military action would not be to drive the dictator from power. >> the options are not about regime change, they're about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: leaving republicans to demand what exactly the mission would be. >> i certainly hope the reaction
happens with the u.n. inspectors. the administration is ready to go. the pentagon has the war ships in place with cruise missiles, which is expected to be the ships used for the limited strikes that they're talking about now, but they are going to be looking at how long the inspectors are going to stay there. they're supposed to say through sunday, as you said. president obama is supposed to go off to the g-20 summit on tuesday in russia. russia is obviously a key playe. tomorrow we could see some intelligence from the administration that lays out part of the case. so i think it will still be a few days before we see any strikes. >> is there any doubt in your mind or the minds of the pentagon experts who do such things that this was assad's gang that launched the chemical weapons rather than, let's say al qaeda from iraq or some such jihadist group. is there any doubt about the source of this? >> well, i would say within the administration, there really is no doubt. they have said for a long time that the rebels don't have the capability to launch this kind of strike. the administra
itself against any aggression. live team fox coverage. driven give is live at the pentagon. first to chief white house correspondent ed henry at the white house. what is the latest we're hearing from the president on all this, ed? >> reporter: good morning, jon. a huge day here at the white house as you suggest because we expect early this afternoon the president and his aides will release some intelligence publicly that will show justification for moving forward in the days ahead with a u.s. military strike against syria. in the last few moments, an interesting development one ever president's key allies, british prime minister david cameron went before his parliament. he was saying directly in his words, no smoking piece of evidence to prove the syrian government was hyped this chemical attack. he said in the end it will be a judgment call for the u.s., u.k., and others whether to move forward with a military strike. he also suggested as you did a moment ago, this could take a few more days because david cameron was talking about some more delays. take a listen. >> it is this ho
. another says the pentagon is ready to strike, no matter what it says about being cautious, and 13% are saying that the u.s. once political leverage over chemical arms and that u.n. investigation. just 11% believe that the pentagon is ready for an attack just in case. you can log onto our website. >> right from the scene. first rate views and pictures, on our reporters'twitter and instagram. online. >> whistleblower bradley manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. he was responsible for the massive leak of classified data that exposed potential war crimes in iraq and afghanistan, and he has now asked for a pardon from the u.s. president. he addressed the letter to obama, saying he acted out of love for his country to protect the values and ideals of the united states, and the ex soldier said he would gladly pay the price for living in a free society. there is a debate about his personal issues which are now grabbing headlines. >> the sentence of bradley manning of 35 years behind bars has sent an unprecedented line. >> a whistleblower who exposed war crimes in iraq and afghanis
for his courage in action during a deadly firefight in afghanistan. nbc chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has more for us. >> reporter: surrounded by soaring cliffs, combat outpost keating in afghanistan was under constant attack. but in october 2009 the taliban launched the fiercest assault yet. ty carter was jolted from his sleep. >> there was something very different. the sound of the gunfire was nonstop. >>> more than 400 taliban unleashed an avalanche of rocket, and mortar and gun fire on those below. >> we were low on ammo. and everyone around us who was friendly was either wounded or dead. >> reporter: stephan mace was on the ground, seriously wounded, crawling toward the humvee pleading for help. >> that's the first time i asked, can i get to mace. he's right there. he says, no, you are no good to him dead. >> were you angry, frustrated? >> i was insane. there's no true pain until you've seen your family member suffer in front of you. that is real hell. >> reporter: eight americans were killed, 25 wounded. under heavy fire, carter eventually carried mace to safety. bu
and a private manning is no difference.di while his attorney wants the pentagon and taxpayers to pay for his gender reassignment surgery, the pentagon made it m clear that will not happen. in a statement, an army spokesperson wrote the army does not provide hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery. inmates are treated equally regardless of rank, race, ethnicity or sexual orientationn we asked taxpayers if they t should foot the bill. >> i would say no. >> people told us that given the fact that he is accused of leaking the materials taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the surgery for manning.ning >> manning is expected to serve his term at the military prison at fort leavenworth, kansas, which does not offer hormone or gender reassignment story. fox 5 news. >> good morning. live look outside right now. coming up on 4:30678 it's friday. so you can't go wrong with that end of the week. we're head together weekend. it's not raining at least right now. it's not raining. we'll check in to tucker to seee what we have in store for the rest of the day to the weekend. it's friday, august 23. good
. that as the pentagon prepares for a possible strike whenever president obama gives the word. u.s. intelligence agencies are preparing to release the report said to outline evidence that syria's government did, indeed, use chemical weapons to slaughter its own citizens. today united nations inspectors returned to the scene of last week's alleged chemical weapons strikes. during a previous attempt to access the site, the un team reported it came under sniper fire. the un special envoy to syria said today those inspectors came back with samples and spoke to witnesses and that, quoting here, it does seem that some kind of substance, unquote, may have killed as many as 1,000 people. syria's president, bashar al-assad, has called the accusations preposterous. in fact, the syrian ambassador to the un today said it's the rebels who used chemical weapons on government forces. they inhaled poisonous gas as a result of use of chemical agents. syrian government is against the use of chemical weapons. by all means. by all means. this is a moral obscenity. >> quite a claim considering u.s. officials have said only t
, the pentagon makes preparations for action, but will the president give the go-ahead? david martin that has story. the fastest-growing wildfire in the country now covers 165 square miles and it is just entered yosemite national park. theresa garcia is on the scene. something is killing dolphins along the east coast. terrell brown has the latest on the search for clues. and "on the road," steve hartman catches motorists smiling in a no-smiling zone. >> never so happy to get a ticket in my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott's off tonight, i'm bob schieffer. cbs news has learned that the pentagon is making the initial preparations for a cruise missile attack on syrian government forces. we say "initial preparations" because such an attack won't happen unless and until the president gives the green light, and it was clear during an interview on cnn today he is not there yet. >> if the u.s. goes in and attacks another country without a u.n. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented then there are qu
evidence does the united states have? david martin has found out at the pentagon. >> reporter: before the u.s. acts it plans to publicly reveal some of the intelligence which vice president biden said today proves who is to blame for the mass casualties in syria. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria, the syria regime. >> reporter: intercepted senior communications to tests of tissue samples taken from victims down to the simple fact the regime is the only one in syria known to have chemical weapons. david cameron warned there is no smoking gun. >> that is never 100% certainty. there's never one piece or several pieces of intelligence that can give you absolute certainty. >> reporter: traveling in asia chuck hagel spoke by phone with britain and france, two countries pledged to join the u.s. in punishing syria for using chemical weapons. then he was asked by a reporter at the pentagon which has moved four destroyers in the mediterranean if they are ready to go. >> we are ready to go like that. >> reporter: each of the destroyers are armed
. the pentagon is awaiting the president's order to retaliate against the syrian dictatorship for what the u.s. says was a poison gas attack on syrian civilians. the president talked about his plan this evening in an interview with the pbs newshour. >> if we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we sent a shot across the bow saying "stop doing this" that can have a positive affect on our national security over the long term and may have a positive impact on the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilians. >> pelley: the chemical weapons attack killed more than 300 people last week, mostly women and children. the syrian dictatorship has been fighting a popular rebellion for two years. david martin has the latest developments. >> reporter: one week after hundreds of people were killed, u.s. navy warships went into a holding pattern in the eastern mediterranean as the politics and diplomacy of a cruise missile strike grew more complicated. in london, prime minister david cameron submitted a motion to parliament that would require the u.n. chemical wea
the pentagon. why isn't there any investigation into the that and why isn't anybody trying to find? that's a lot of money that could take care of a lot of these problems too. that's all i have to say. >> host: jean johnson, up in new york. >> guest: well, you know, it's interesting. there are two categories of discussion about the budget. one really focuses on process questions, you know, maybe we need a balanced budget amendment, maybe do something about the federal reserve, maybe redesign the tax system and all of those can be discussed but there's a big substantive question and that's the one we really try to concentrate on in the book. and that is that, as a country, we spend more than we take in. and, you know, we've gotten to an point right now, there's so much concern about the spending for the war and the spending in the pentagon, we're actually spending more on interest on the debt than we're spending on the war in iraq. so, just being in debt is beginning to be a huge cost in and of itself. one of the things i think that's very important is to be more transparent and have the p
that the ships are close enough to launch a missile strike. the pentagon is in watch and wait mode, making on the president to make a final determination to act. leland joins us from the middle east bureau. >> pentagon is in watch and wait mode and the middle east is watching and waiting intently, that is no understatement from iran and syria and here and egypt and seeing what u.s. resolve and what president obama's term redline really means and it is a great interest to every country. and of course, most interest to the syrians themselves. the videos we are showing you offer the past six days since the chemical weapons attack is not shockwaves in the region. ousing this video and other intelligence, the israelis, the uk, and the u.s. seemed to have made a determination that there was chemical weaponsoused inside of sir why and saying they are going to evaluate the options going forward. parallel to that is the un investigation. remember for six days, the un weapon's inspectors begged to have access to the site. it was today when they were allowed to go and had to dodge sniper fire. they a
and the pentagon is not concerned about reports from russia is sending two surface war ships to the mediterranean. that was expected. and u.s. officials say they will not deter their planning. what has the pentagon concerned and could delay the timing of a strike is the uk vote in parliment and the decision of the pentagon's main ally to wait until the weapon's inspectors present their findings. >> i said it on a number of occasions, if any action would be taken against syria, it would be an international collaboration. ndefense secretary chuck hagel returns from a visit from asia friday night. un inspectors are expected to finish their work on friday and slated to finish their work saturday morning. james rosen received information from middle eastern sources about the likely targets which include the assad's rei don't mean and artillery and rocket stores. pentagon sources sdreeb a potential mission as a deter and degrade strike. that's what we are hearing for the officials here in the pentagon. >> thank you very much. first conservative and te party groups and a veteran organization is targeted
to attack out its own citizens. and the pentagon sending a message. the top brass suggesting that the u.s. military is ready to act on a moment's notice in syria. >> and remembering the day when the martin luther king junior had a dream. it is a half century later. and tonight, following the to the steps of a civil moment in american history. and also former vice-president cheney speaking loud and clear on the national issues which are front and center on the minds of many americans. >> don't put the nsa with the irs. they are totally different problems and issues and i believe there is ample evidence that the irs abused the player and daughter liz a political candidate. words from the father/daughter duomaking headlines. >> i am harris faulkner. how will the united states respond to the crisis in syria that has millions of people pouring over the borders trying to escape the slaughter house that their country has become. it could create now havens for terrorist and american national security time talked about the next step and talked about what is unfolding, pictures that are so hard t
following the reports of chemical weapons attacks. the pentagon has already sent four warships with cruise missiles to the region. meanwhile, rush why's ministry of foreign affairs is warning against jumping to conclusions on chemical weapons before the u.n. investigation is complete. so let me bring in cnn's pentagon correspondent chris lawrence in washington and cnn's frederi frederick pleitgen. when can we expect to see the inspectors at the suspected chemical attack site? >> reporter: the u.n. is saying they'll head to the site tomorrow. they didn't tell us what time tomorrow to head out there but they said that was a time frame they have because today it was agreed to have unrestricted access to the places where the alleged chemical weapons attacks happened. the syrian government gets them free passage up to the border of what the territory it controls. after that, they have to negotiate with the rebels on the ground to be able to get in there and to have security on the ground. those negotiations are apparently are taking place as we speak right now. and very important, don, the gove
is at the pentagon. but we begin with chief white house correspondent, ed henry on the politics of the syria crisis both here and overseas and where we are right now. good evening, ed. >> reporter: good evening. they believe that not only that chemical weapons were used but that they can pin it on the sire yan -- syrian government. secretary john kerry flatly declared president obama believes there must be accountability for the use of what he called the world's most heinous weapons. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morality. let me be clear. the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> reporter: kerry's strong response came as u.n. inspectors were finally let in. syrian dictator assad blocked entry for five days. and they seemed to make the legal case for military action declaring the evidence against assad is grounded in fact. >> there is a reason why president obama has made clear to the assad regime that this international norm can
later geoff morrell, who is the head spokesman for the pentagon under, you know, president obama's pentagon, has become the chief washington spokesman for bp. >> former white house correspondent for abc news. >> abc news. he followed bob gates to the pentagon first with president bush then with president obama. sort of a classic revolving door figure, geoff is. but no, so -- that was -- i mean, it's a classic two-step. i mean, i also think bp has done very, very well rehabilitating itself. i mean, thanks largely to flooding the media with all kinds of goodies and a lot of advertising money. and we're supposed to feel good about bp again. >> two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf and every day since we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over $23 billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. and many areas are reporting the best tourism season in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce ener
. not friday. >> the president retains all options available to him. the pentagon says it's ready to go. whenever president obama gives the order. but syria warns it will strike back with everything it's got. plus,. >> shot my baby. >> bill: the mother who says she watched the gunman shoot her baby in the face takes the stand. >> i put my arms over my baby but he still shot him. >> bill: ahead, the emotional day in court. [cheers] >> her mother calls it a miracle welcome home, sara. >> the little girl whose family fought for a a life saving lung transplant finally goes home. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. a u.s. military is ready to go if president obama gives the order for a strike against syria. that's what defense secretary chuck hagel said today. and unu.s. official telling fox news, it is not a matter of if, but when. the white house plans to show syrian government was behind the attack. killed innocent children. joe biden said there is no doubt who is to blame. >> the syrian regime, the only ones who have the weapons. have used chemical weapons multiple tim
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about how the u.s. will respond. in the meantime, the president asked the pentagon to come up with a strategic plan in case the u.s. decides to go forward with military action in syria, possibly airstrikes or missile attacks. chuck hagel traveling in asia told reporters the defense department has the responsibility to provide the president with options for all contingencies, which requires positioning our forces and assets to carry out different options, whatever option the president might choose. syria said the allegations it used chemical weapons on its own people as this video purports to show are, quote, absolutely baseless. a u.s. ambassador says president obama has to decide what his obje objectives are with syria, its stockpile of chemical weapons. >> the president said almost a year ago the use of chemical weapons crosses a red line. when the president of the united states makes a statement like that, he needs to be prepared to do something pretty dramatic if the red line is crossed, otherwise his credibility is gravely damaged which is where we are right now. >> the u
andrews is at the pentagon. wyatt? >> reporter: bob, the army today very quickly said no to private manning's request. a pentagon spokesman released a statement saying: officials told us manning will get the same medical care as any other army inmate. what that means is he will get counseling, but not a gender change. >> schieffer: were people surprised that this came out today, wyatt? >> bob, his actual request to change genders, that was a surprise, but manning's problems with being a man were part of his defense during the trial. at one point, he released a photo of himself dressed as a woman to his army psychologist. in closing arguments, his attorney argued that manning's leak of all that classified information could be partly explained by manning's stress, the stress he felt in what the attorneys said was "the hyper- masculine army environment." >> schieffer: okay. well, thanks, wyatt. the fate of major nidal hasan is in the hands of the military jury tonight. the former army psychiatrist is charged with premeditated murder in the shooting rampage that left 13 soldiers dead, m
. >>> there is word tonight the pentagon is drawing up military options to respond to this week's atrocities in syria, as the white house comes under increasing pressure to act. those horrible images of lifeless civilians killed by what the rebels say were chemical weapons has sparked international outrage. as the u.s. officials are trying to confirm the nature of the attack, nbc news has spoken to one of the doctors on the ground treating the victims. he says the world is ignoring them. let's get right to chuck todd at the white house. chuck, iraq, afghanistan. is america about to get involved in syria? >> reporter: well, lester, it looks like in some form. the president seems to be leaning every on sending some sort of strike. the question is, what does that military option look like? right now that's unclear and the president's closest advisers are divided on the options that are in front of them. it is these heart-wrenching images out of syria, lifeless bodies, many of them children, allegedly victims of brutal chemical weapon attacks that accelerated the debate in washington. >> we are right now
reported friday the pentagon is considering launching cruise missiles, and is moving naval forces into place. potential targets include command bunkers and launchers used to fire chemical weapons. president obama told cnn the u.s. has to be mindful of the reaction. >> jumping into stuff, that does not turn out well. gets us mired in very difficult situations. can result in us being drawn in to very expensive, difficult, costly interventions that actually breed more resentment in the region. >> no one knows that better than former secretary of state colin powell who in 2003 made the case for war against iraq at the u.n.. he believes the u.s. should not get involved in a civil war. >> i have no affection for mr. assad. i have dealt with him. i know him. and he is pathological liar with respect to my interaction with him. but at the same time i'm less sure of the resistance. >> reporter: but doing nothing has its own consequences according to syrian expert andrew tabler. >> the problem is at this point if the red line is not held, we're going to have more refugees flowing out into sy
, it is the undeniable. >> pelley: we asked david martin at the pentagon to tell us more about the military operations. >> reporter: the words secretary of state used and the force with which he delivered them left little doubt the u.s. will soon strike syria. >> president obama believe there is must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. i i four u.s. navy warships are already in position in the eastern mediterranean ready to launch cruise missiles within hours of receiving the order from president obama. a british submarine is also reported to be in position. they would almost certainly fire their weapons in the middle of the night-- the time when the u.s. military prefers to strike and when most civilians would be off the streets and less likely to be injured. an attack limited to cruise missiles would fall well short of the shock-and-awe campaign on the opening night of the iraq war. but officials said it would be large enough to damage the syrian military's ability to launch future chemical weapons attacks. the u.s. h
is growing. and from the pentagon, word that u.s. war ships are in place and ready to launch when the order is given. this fast moving chain of events all touched off by those horrific images of dead and dying civilians that shocked the world. nbc's andrea mitchell begins our coverage tonight from washington. andrea, good evening. >> good evening, lester. administration's goal is to , punish him and stop him from ordering another chemical att k attack. hoping to prevent more deaths from devastating weapons, not seen in decades. and lester, fair warning, these latest pictures are very hard to watch. this is a different kind of war. a war that kills babies silently, suddenly, bathing them not in blood, but in the tears of a doctor. ghastly images of last week's attack. most too horrifying to show on television. emerging only today. this infant apparently barely a month old. and a new horror near aleppo, the opposition claims napalm dropped on civilians monday killing at least ten, wounding dozens. a report that has not been independently verified. in texas today, speaking to veterans, the vi
them pentagonal shaped. now what happened when you don't have a round light pole is they absorb more of the energy of the wind. and this just in: it gets windy up by the bay bridge. 30, 40 miles per hour on many days in winter storms. they had to build those light poles stronger to withstand the wind more because of their shape. they are not round. they are shaped like a pentagon. toward the holiday weekend, live camera trends america tower looking toward the golden gate. high pressure building in from the east. overnight lows miles many in the 60s overnight tonight including livermore at 63, san jose 63, napa dropping down to 59 and oakland 62 degrees. here's the setup. that low is still to our north. but my eye is more on the high pressure dome building over the desert southwest because that's exerting more of an influence for us. that's why the marine layer was shoved offshore a little bit today and why temperatures went up anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees what to expect? tomorrow as that high builds in even more, it's going to be sunny and some of you away from the water may even ca
. >> good evening, brian is off tonight. i'm lester holt. >>> there's word tonight the pentagon is drawing up military options to respond to this week's atrocities in syria, as the white house is under increasing pressure to act. the horrible images of lifeless civilians as what the rebels say were killed by chemical weapons. as the u.s. officials are trying to confirm the nature of the attack nbc news has spoken to one of the doctors on the ground treating the victims. he says the world is ignoring them. let's get to chuck todd. is america about to get involved in syria? >> reporter: looks like in some form we may do just that. the president seems to be on the verge of ordering some sort of military response in syria. the question is, what does that military operation look ke? right now the president's closest advisers are divided on the options that are in front of them. it is these heart-wrenching images of out sere ysyria, victims of brutal chemical weapon attack that accelerated the debate in washington. >> we are gathering information on this event. what we have seen indicates this i
eyes on the pentagon. syria said to be launching chemical weapons. the big question now. will the white house lead or follow. martha: the new fallout for the so-called thrill kill after young australian ball player. what the governor of oklahoma is saying about the silence from the president. >> he was such an amazing person. i'm going to miss him forever. but i'm really glad i got the four years with him. golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. martha: we start with this fox news alert and u.s. mi
alerted the pentagon that they may have a security breach. lamo was nervous and felt trapped. >> there was no correct option; there was only the least incorrect one. either way, i would have been screwing somebody over. >> i had to pick who. there was no option to just sit back and wash my hands of the responsibility, because that, in and of itself, would have been a making a choice. >> smith: lamo then called a reporter he knew at >> he called me to tell me that he that he had a meeting set up the next day with the fbi and the army, because he was turning in somebody who'd contacted him online and confessed to passing classified information to... to someone he described as a foreign national. >> smith: poulsen convinced lamo to hand him a copy of the chat, and then asked a colleague to follow up on any leads. >> we went through the chat logs and we looked at what else he mentioned. tyler watkins was named in the chat logs. >> smith: zetter called watkins. he told her about a conversation he'd had with manning during manning's january visit to boston. >> brad had t
? our chris lawrence at the pentagon is live with this. what more do we know about this? how many more images do we need to see before we have a concrete plan? what's the president saying? >> well, that's up to the president. here at the pentagon they simply present the options and let the president decide how much risk he wants to take and which way he wants to go. they've just completed probably the most comprehensive update of those options in months. i'm told that they looked at a reviewed and renewed the list of potential targets for air strikes in syria, possibly with the use of cruise missiles. we know that the u.s. navy recently added one more destroyer to the eastern mediterranean sea, normally there are three. right now temporarily there will be four in that area. all of them have the capability to fire tomahawk missiles which are fired long range and used specifically to attack targets on land from the sea. we know from officials who have been telling us that assad's forces are moving and they wanted to give the president the most current and comprehensive list of targets an
.s. not to jump to conclusions about the syrian government. meanwhile, the pentagon has prepositioned four warships armed with cruise missiles in the region. joining me now is cnn's pentagon correspondent, chris lawrence, and cnn international correspondent, phil black live in moscow and cnn's fred platkin in damascus. fred, to you first. >> hi, dana. i had an interview earlier today with the deputy foreign minister of syria, who told me that the u.n. weapons inspectors would have immediate and unrestricted access to all of those places where is chemical weapons were allegedly used on wednesday. the only thing that needs to be sorted is the logistics, when they can go down there. they have to cross the front line towards rebel-controlled territories. so they also have to go into negotiations with the rebels. the u.n. for their part is saying they want to begin that negotiation starting tomorrow. i want you to listen to a portion of what the deputy foreign minister told me. >> they can start immediately. >> what sort of agreement have you made with him? >> we worked for two days, i never do
, this is not like libya in 2001 where the pentagon was fairly certain a no-fly zone would be effective. you have a situation here where it's not clear there are any very good military options that will change the dynamics on the ground in syria. that's also causing the president to have some delay about what to do next. >> well, and lieutenant colonel, we're obviously going to hear more in the coming days about our response to what's going on. what we do know is the pentagon is making initial preparations for a cruise missile attack moving u.s. navy into the eastern mediterranean. so let's say this is the president's strategy, to take out certain targets involved in maki maki making chemical weapons. is this sustainable? >> this is something we should have considered a long time ago. the two problems with this strategy is first off, if we miss, some of the chemical weapons may go missing, as in they'll get out into the public and other groups that may use them for other purposes. secondly, we should have been doing this a long time ago. now we're going to have to do it overtly. it's going to be
chuck hagel, president obama has asked the pentagon for military options. the president plans to meet with his national security advisors at the whitehouse this weekend. hagle also suggested u.s. war ships are being repositioned in the mediterranean in the event the president orders the use of force. also this morning, there are appalling new pictures from syria, images taken soon after the alleged chemical weapons attack. we want to warn you that these pictures are extremely graphic. charles stratford has a report from syria. >> there seems little doubt that some sort of chemical weapon killed these people. this video was shot by an independent journalist for britain's itv news. victims lie where they fell, men and women, some with their children at their side, their faces contorted in pain, frozen in the agonizing moment did they died. whatever killed these people killed indiscriminately. a cat, a flock of sheep, and only feet away, a small crater and exploded metal, evidence witnesses say of one of the missiles that delivered whatever ended these people's lives. >> it was a small e
obama has told the pentagon to prepare for military options in syria. the u.s. navy has sent a battleship into the mediterranean. is this a hint toward some sort of action? >> it indicates a willingness on the part of the national security council to be looking at a number of options in potential response to what happened in syria over the weekend, over the last few days. >> the united states says it needs proof that chemical weapons killed these people. the assad government has denied it was behind any chemical weapons attack. some experts say not only assad has access to chemical agent did. >> they may be the only ones that have access to the missile technology that may be being discovered at this time. but these types of chemical weapons are not very, very difficult to manufacture. >> syria's biggest al ly says they must allow the weapons inspectors. >> the shift is really, really small. there is no indication that should western countries or the u.s. or a group or a coalition of the willing once again intervene in a military fashion, even in a limited way, there is no edu
of evidence to roundly criticized and discredited by the pentagon. in a report from the department of defense, it found that this evaluation failed to note signs of radicalization in hassan, signs that were obvious to many of his colleagues. they include public statements that he made while he was working at walter reed. he told a room full of classmates and his instructor that the u.s. war on terrorism was really a war against islam, and he said that muslim soldiers serving in the u.s. army shouldn't beilable to for these many charges. >> they have a lot of evidence on the prosecution side, but they have one piece of evidence on the defense side. isn't it possible that they could reach a we know you'll coo cover that, thank you. >> there are no calls for the united nations to take action following an alleged toxic gas attack by the syrian government. a coalition said it happened outside damascus, saying hundreds of people were killed and say this video shows victims being treated afterwards. the sir yep government denies it used the weapons. the u.n. security council is calling for clarity o
in u.s. policy. the defense secretary says president obama has told the pentagon to prepare for military options in syria. and the u.s. navy have sent a battle ship in. is this a hint toward some sort of action? >> it indicates a willingness on the national security council to look at a number of options in potential response to what happened in syria over the weekend, over the last few days. >> reporter: the united states says it needs proof that chemical weapons killed these people. people. some experts say not only assad has access to chemical agents. >> the missile technology being discovered at this time, but these weapons are not difficult to manufacturer. >> reporter: syrian state tv is reporting chemical weapons have been found in a neighborhood and russia says assad must allow u.n. inspectors visit the site of the attack, but there seems real little movement in moscow's stance. >> there is no indication if the western countries or a coalition even in the limited way, there is no indication russia might be even slightly cooperative this time. >> reporter: the u.n. di
other superpowers. the budget proposes an increase to $4.7 billion. it cuts the pentagon spending overall by $3.9 billion. the department of homeland security is set to get an extra $44 million for information sharing efforts even though its budget is being drastically cut. so clearly, when it comes to defense, the u.s. is making cyberspace a priority. according to intelligence officials, cyber attacks and espionage have supplanted terrorism as the top security threat facing the u.s. the spending under this budget will be used to bolster defense against cyber attacks as well as boost its offensive capabilities. as edward snowden confirmed, malware. the nsa is collecting all of our digital data. chinese and russian hackers have all een in the news lately. all of the world's superpowers are involved in cyber where fair -- warfare. using language reminiscent of world war ii propaganda, robert keeler told executives, lock your doors. someone from halfway around the world is tied to get into your network looking to steal what you are developing. in the u.s., our supposed heroes, guys w
is going to blame assad for the situation. and the pentagon will continue to make preparations for an attack on government forces. >> ok, the obama administration says it is evaluating its next step. what goal would any military intervention have? >> that is a very good question. i am not sure where i can find a good answer to that. assad's can take out air force. that is not a big problem. that would shift the situation of the war on the ground, but what would be the strategy afterwards? is there any sort of syrian strategy in the white house? i do not think so. it is interesting to listen to what colin powell, the former secretary of state, said today. he is very much to against an intervention i n syria, asking what will happen afterwards if islamists or al qaeda affiliates will take over? is the situation on the ground much better? i do not think so. you can hear other voices in washington. senator john mccain or senator volcker from tennessee. they are saying that that he would like to see an immediate military response from washington. >> thanks very much. to egypt now wh
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